Together with Associazione Libellule for Milan Beauty Week

On the occasion of the first edition of Milano Beauty Week, which took place from 3 to 8 May 2022, we consolidated our partnership with the Associazione Libellule Onlus, an association that supports women in the prevention and treatment of oncological diseases. 

Together with the Association, warew promoted a series of events dedicated to Japanese Culture and, in particular, to the concept of "Giving Importance" expressed in the Japanese words "Taisetsu Ni" (大切). A transversal concept that means giving importance to oneself, by taking care of oneself and one's skin, to other people, by giving them special attention, and to one's own time, by learning to appreciate the gifts of everyday life. 

On 3 May 2022, the Casa delle Libellule in Via Filippino Lippi hosted a day dedicated to the culture of Japanese hospitality with the Atelier of Furoshiki, the art of wrapping gifts using fabric. During each of the four interactive workshops scheduled for the day, participants chose their favourite fabric from a wide range of colourful patterns and learnt the art of bag-making with the guidance of Ai Yamamoto, Japanese Beauty Coach of warew Flagship Store. 

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