Ocean Microbiome Technology

sussh by warew is a scientifically advanced biotech skincare line based on thalassotherapy active ingredients.

Thanks to patented biotechnologies, precious marine yeasts and fermented products, extracted from the depths of the ocean are concentrated in exclusive formulas to exploit their surprising benefits on the skin.

The barrier function of the skin regains strength, the level of hydration of the skin increases, the degradation of collagen slows down and the collagen damaged by UV rays regenerates. The skin appears visibly more hydrated, compact and relaxed.

The Products

An essence with an exclusive and patented formula with over 75% oceanic ferments.

Regenerates, soothes and rebalances the skin while preserving its natural barrier function.

A high-performance serum-gel with advanced technology and a navy blue colour.

It melts into the skin, releasing an immediate sensation of freshness and deep hydration.

The Science

Thalassotherapy and sessions in sea salt caves are ancient practices, known for their health benefits for the body and skin. Their secret is contained in the minerals and primordial microbiome of the deep ocean, where life was born millions of years ago.

Today, we at warew extract these precious elements from the depths off the island of  Yoron in Japan, select them and concentrate them using patented techniques, specially developed in our laboratories in Yokohama, to obtain the powerful active ingredient of the sussh by warew line.

In order for it to spread in depth, we have therefore applied a patented technology to cationic liposomes which increases skin absorption by 2.5 times.

The Benefits

In vitro experiments and clinical studies demonstrate the beneficial effects on the skin:

• Significant increase in hydration

+100% after 1 month of constant application

+220% after 2 months of constant application

• Up to 70% reduction in skin collagen degradation by acting on the collagenase enzyme and improving elasticity and firmness

• Strengthening effect of the skin barrier, thanks to the stimulating action of the transglutaminase enzyme which acts on the ceratinocytes.

• Attenuation of wrinkles and sagging skin thanks to the action of fermented products which allow the recovery of up to 40% of fibroblasts and collagen damaged by the sun's rays.