ARAU 洗う | Cleansing

Skin care starts with cleansing.

Both in the morning, to remove the sebum produced during the night and to prepare the skin for the next day, and in the evening, to wash away the tiredness of the day and relax the mind: Cleansing is a fundamental step to achieve a healthy skin.

warew suggests the double cleansing with warew Cleansing Oil and warew Washing Foam. The synergetic action of the products guarantees deep yet gentle cleansing for regenerated, clean and radiant skin. 

Natural essential oils give the products a fresh, enveloping aroma and ensure a relaxing and comfortable user experience.

Start your Japanese Skincare Ritual with warew double cleansing.

This Cleansing Oil, based on Japanese rice bran oil, melts the sebum of the skin, where impurities, pollutant particles, dust and make-up are trapped during the day.

The dense, soft white foam cleanses the skin in depth. Like a light air scrub, bubbles enter the pores of the skin, absorbing and removing the impurities softened by the cleansing oil.