We invited influencers and trendsetters to discover the japanese beauty routine

The Italian-Japanese team of warew Flagship Store in Milan welcomed 10 lifestyle and beauty influencers and trendsetters inviting them to indulge in a Japanese skincare ritual. During the day, we tried out products together, applying them to the face with the advice of Japanese Beauty Masters Aska and Elena. We learned together about some simple self-massage and acupressure techniques that make the application of cosmetics more pleasant and effective.

We believe our skincare ritual can help people feel better and prettier in their own skin: this is why we are fond of sharing it!

A special thanks to all participants: Alessia Foglia, Chiara Cazzamali, Cristiana Banchetti, Elena Minozzi, Evelina Novelli, Ilaria Vita, Mariangela Monti, Vatinee Suvimol.

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