The third anniversary of warew Flagship Store in Milan!

On 22 October 2022, warew Flagship Store celebrated three years since its opening in the city of Milan: an important milestone achieved thanks to the harmonious cooperation of an international, passionate and creative team. The shop was established in 2019 as an experiential shop for Japanese cosmetics, and also on the day of the anniversary, Experience was at the centre of the celebrations. Thanks to the participation of Hanae Takeshita, a master in the art of Japanese writing, our guests were able to witness a unique and ever-changing spectacle as they saw their name, or a word of their choice, take the form of a Japanese kanji character. The theme of the evening was 'Kouhaku' ('Red and White'): red and white are the colours of warew, but they are also the colours of traditional Japanese ceremonies and their combination is said to be auspicious. The unreleased cocktail presented during the evening, entitled Kouwa (紅和 - 'Red Harmony'), was a balanced blend of Umeshu, Sake and an infusion of Rose and Cardamom. A eulogy to Japan and Nature that inspires warew's philosophy and holistic approach. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of all warew team members, friends and customers, we celebrated this third anniversary with gratitude and with a confident look to the future! We will continue to work every day to make the store an increasingly lively place where you can meet and experience the real J-Beauty with new, original and exciting experiences.

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