Why apply an emulsion?

Emulsions are a product rarely used in western skincare, while being an extremely important step in a Japanese skincare routine: the step of conditioning, to prepare your skin to the main treatment after cleansing.
A good and deep cleansing takes away all impurities, but to be effective it also takes away water and lipids, necessary to your skin. An emulsion is a product specifically formulated to return the skin to its optimal state, completely cleansed and well rebalanced, and ready for treatment with creams or serums.

A drop of hope for skin resilience and moisture 

When you routinely and diligently take care of your skin, you will notice a subtle change in it, such as improved resilience and radiance, immediately after washing the face. We consider time spent conditioning your skin to be a precious moment when you can check your skin’s condition and replenish what it is lacking. If you feel your skin is lacking resilience and radiance, it is essential to deliver moisture to the epidermis first and adjust the moisture balance of water and lipids.
We have developed an emulsion that delivers moisture into the epidermis in a single application by combining emulsion that replenishes lipid and lotion that hydrates the skin. Organic essential oils are added to give an aromatic finish.

We created three different emulsions, to choose from according to your skin’s reaction to cleansing. Find the most suited fot you!

Regenerating Emulsion
Moisturizing Emulsion
Nourishing Emulsion

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