Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

Cell Viable Complex: Four Japanese herbs awaken the potential of your skin

Through our unique technology, we enhanced the power of Japanese herbs known since ancient times for their natural medicinal properties to create a brand new beauty ingredient, Cell Viable Complex. Cell Viable Complex is a compound of Sakura (Japanese Cherry Tree) bark extract, Honoki (Japanese Magnolia) bark extract, Akamatsu (Japanese Red Pine) leaf extract and Ume (Japanese Plum) root extract.

All warew products are enriched with this beauty ingredient to thoroughly harness the inner regenerative power of your skin.



Japanese Apricot Tree

Japanese Apricot Tree (Prunus Mume) has been used since ancient times for its power to reduce fatigue, lessen stomach and intestinal problems and strengthening the heart. Our research laboratories verified that our PRUNUS MUME ROOT EXTRACT has cell-activating, anti-glycation anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, and acts to inhibit the production of melanin.

Japanese Cherry Tree

Known to Japanese people since ancient times, the dried bark of Japanese Cherry Tree (Prunus Serrulata) has been used as a natural medicine for its detoxification, antipyretic and antitussive properties. Our research laboratories verified that our PRUNUS SERRULATA BARK EXTRACT has anti-glycation effects, anti-oxidation effects, and protects the elasticity of the skin.


Japanese Magnolia

The wood of Japanese Magnolia (Magnolia Obovata) was used in ancient Japan to make scabbards for its anti-rust properties, and also as a natural medicine for its antibacterial and antispasmodic properties and its beneficial effects on the stomach. Our research laboratories verified that our MAGNOLIA OBOVATA BARK EXTRACT has anti-glycation effects on the skin.

Japanese Red Pine

The needles of Japanese Red Pine (Pinus Densiflora) are known to have natural beneficial properties on the stomach and boosting  blood circulation, as well as  expectorant and analgesic effects. Our research laboratories verified that our PINUS DENSIFLORA LEAF EXTRACT has anti-glycation and anti-oxidation effects, improves the barrier function of the skin and protects its elasticity.


Deep Sea and Hot Spring Water Extracts to enhance your cellular environment

Water is an important component when taking care of your skin. This is why warew carefully selects waters with special beneficial properties for its products.


Concentrated Deep Sea Water


The sea around Amami Islands is renowned for its high degree of purity. From its depths, we extract the ideally balanced minerals containing calcium and magnesium ions that we incorporate into Cell Viable Complex. This ingredient has verified cell-activating effects, improves the barrier function of the skin and deeply nurtures skin cells, to keep your skin vivacious and healthy.

Onsen-sui (JPN)


Onsen-sui, hot spring water, has been known in Japan since ancient times as “the Healer’s water” for its beneficial properties. Its waters contain sodium, calcium and sulfate ions, all minerals that nurture and keep your skin healthy. warew distills and utilized this precious extract for its products, to give you all the benefits of the famous Japanese hot springs.

Ten Essential Oils

Our products are generously enriched with essential oils whose fragrance derives from naturally herbs. Ten essential oils are blended in different combinations in each product. Natural, noble scents nurture the beauty of your skin and your heart.


Pomegranate Flower Extract and Pomegranate Seed Oil

Since ancient times pomegranate has been a symbol of life and beauty. It has been proved to work like estrogen, alleviate menopause symptoms, take care of the skin, prevent illness, delay the aging process and help recover from fatigue. Its seeds contain abundant quantities of polyphenol and anthocyanin, which possess antioxidant effects, anti-wrinkle effects, and improve skin resilience.